Alexey Shpychka

Individual psychotherapy

I do personality-oriented psychotherapy that is focused on a few key elements. Adaptation to life, creative self-realization and development of a client. I perform several roles for my clients, mainly helper or guide. I am the person with whom one can do important psychological work.

Going through therapy means the following, usually. Processing and transformation of psychological, emotional trauma. Discovering one’s personal personality traits and finding a way to optimally adapt to life. Finishing tasks of psychological development, achieving maturity and restoring healthy self-esteem.

Processing of personal or age crisis, relationship crisis, a loss of somebody or something important, for example, – death of a close one, loss of health, divorce, break up, etc. I work with intrapersonal and interpersonal psychological problems, the short list of which you can find on the main page. My work involves a research or exploration of a client’s psyche.

Индивидуальная психотерапия

I listen, ask questions and share observations. I try to get under the skin of a client, so to speak. Feel how they feel or felt in the past. I think about a client during the session, analyze their patterns, build an image of their life in my mind. I act as a person in contact with a client, according to my understanding of a psychotherapeutic goal and client’s zone of proximal development.

I mean that this work involves personal attitude, not only a formal role. Classical definition of psychological health is one’s ability to receive pleasure and joy from close, intimate relationships; work and professional activity; and play and hobby. The results of therapy usually can be seen in one of these areas.

This work brings us closer to psychological wholeness, sensibility, awareness, understanding of oneself and an increase of personal strength thanks to creating authentic client-therapist relationship.

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