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Few words about me

My name is Alexey Shpychka. I am a practical psychologist and a gestalt-therapist. I belong to a professional community called – ASPPGA. I have been in psychotherapy for twelve years and have conducted my private practice for seven years.

I am 32 years old, I’ve been in a relationship for nine years and we’ve become parents recently. I carried out more than 5000 hours of therapeutic sessions and consultations. You can find more about me in the Autobiography and Education sections.

How I work

It is important for me to listen closely to your story, understand, see, hear you and help you to understand, discover and become aware of yourself on the new level.

We will create conditions together in the session in which you would be able to solve your psychological problems in an accessible and preferred way for you. You can unravel yourself like a puzzle, grow personally, strengthen your identity, gain an important experience in relationships (understanding, support, acceptance, connectedness, belonging, empathy), receive some valuable knowledge about yourself and the world, gain insights or process trauma.

The desired changes and answers to the questions that bother you will come as we progress in our journey through the landscapes of your intra and interpersonal life.

What I rely on in my work

I use the gestalt approach, as a main method in my work. In addition to it I also rely on psychodynamic approach, existential and humanistic schools of psychotherapy. My own therapy, supervision of practice and the experience of solving my personal psychological problems, altogether, help me a lot, as well.

Who and what I work with

The area of my special interest is – male psychology and aspects of male identity.

I work with adults and teenagers from 16. 

I am contacted with the purpose of working through

More requests and topics that I work with

Disorders and conditions

  • PTSD;
  • Stress, tiredness, burnout;
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder;
  • Phobias and fears;
  • Inferiority complex;
  • Victim-persecutor-rescuer dynamic;
  • Fear to be alone.


  • Shame, guilt;
  • Resentment, jealousy, envy;
  • Anger, hate, rage;
  • Sadness, sorrow;
  • Psychosomatic symptoms;
  • Perfectionism;
  • Helplessness, disorientation;
  • Sexual dissatisfaction.


  • Hyper-control;
  • Hyper-responsibility;
  • Manipulations;
  • Betrayal;
  • Divorce;
  • Breaking up;
  • Loss, death of a close one,
  • Grief, mourning;
  • Relocation, immigration.

My professional qualities and style of work

I am clear, rational, organized, calm, accepting, reliable and stable. I am good with words. I can explain complicated matters with simple language. I think about a person I work with and try to feel how they feel. I explore the structure of their life and express curiosity. I have a good sense of humor and self-irony. 

I listen a lot, ask questions, share my observations and act as a person in contact with you, according to my understanding of a psychotherapeutic goal and your zone of proximal development.

Our mutual work will help you better understand yourself, process complicated life experiences, traumas, find solutions to important tasks of personal development and creative adaptation to this world, which can be both terrible and beautiful at different times.

о себе
Six facts about me
Questions and answers

When choosing a therapist, you need to look at two categories. First, professionalism and experience. A therapist must have psychological (sometimes medical) education and training in one of the schools of psychotherapy, experience of their own personal psychotherapy (individually and/or group) and work with clients under supervision. As well as the work experience itself. You can find my path of professional development here.

The second category is more subjective, these are personal qualities, personality type. Sometimes it happens that the therapist is professional, but after talking with them for one or two or three sessions, there is no sympathy or desire to open up to them. Reluctance to open up should not be confused with a lack of request for therapy.

After a certain number of years of working with people, I have empirically come to the conclusion that it is easier for me to work with some people, and with others it is harder by an order of magnitude, and I realized that people differ from each other by the type of the nervous systems, temperament and experience of relationships, especially the early childhood period. And good and working client-therapist alliances are formed usually with those couples that have the minimum necessary matches for these characteristics or traits. From my experience, one or two sessions are enough to discover whether we should work with each other or not.

It depends, most of all, on the request and the level of organization of your personality. Some people need short-term consultations, 1-10 sessions, while others need to dig deeper, and here we are talking about personality-oriented psychotherapy, which lasts longer by an order of magnitude. You can find out the details of your situation at the introductory session with me.

When working online, I prefer to get paid before the session starts. It’s a matter of convenience to me. But, if we don’t know each other and you are not sure if I am the right therapist for you, so you’re not comfortable paying before the session, we can have an introductory session without payment. If by the end of the session we come to an agreement to work with each other, then the first session is paid, if we don’t, no need to pay.
You can transfer the money to my card directly or use one of the payment services (Wise, Paysend), crypto transfer is also possible.

No, I do not do medical or pharmacological treatment. This is done by a psychiatrist and I am a psychologist.

Today, a psychotherapist is a specialist who has either psychological or medical education, plus psychotherapeutic training in one of the schools of psychotherapy (gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis, CBT, body-oriented psychotherapy, etc.). I have psychological education and training in gestalt therapy. I only do talk therapy and do not treat people in a medical sense.

There are some lines of work that I do not do. I don’t work with people who have as their main problem one of the following: chemical (alcohol, drug) dependency, gambling, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, organic brain damage. I don’t work with these problems because I lack certain personal qualities and professional competencies in those areas.

The time spent on technical issues is not considered time of the session and will be fully compensated.

Online session is a video chat carried out via one of the following services: zoom, skype, googlemeet, telegram, whatsapp or viber. It’s best to be alone in the room during the session, so that you can feel calm and safe, not having to worry that somebody sees or hears you at the vulnerable moment. Although, some people contact me by being somewhere in the open, like a park, where it is not crowded.

Feel free to use a contact form, write to me directly or call. All contact information is at the bottom of the page.

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