Alexey Shpychka

Couples counseling

Oftentimes I am contacted by couples. I provide psychological counseling for a couple and facilitate communication between them.

Most frequent requests to work through are the following:

– Relationship/family crisis
– The problem of borders and codependency
– Quarreling
– Lack of mutual understanding
– Resentment, blaming each other
– Jealousy, betrayal, suspicions
– Lack of satisfaction from sexual life

I provide analysis and diagnosis of your mutual life according to your request. Help to sort out what can be changed for better and what needs to be accepted as is in your life as a couple.

I see myself as a third party which is not personally interested in any particular outcome. I view a couple as a system that lost its balance and I work together with you on trying to recreate it by the means of negotiations, compromises and personal efforts from both sides.

Involvement of a third party in the communication process during crisis periods in a couple’s life may provide the necessary stability and support they cannot get from one another at the moment. I help you find the right words and phrases so that you express yourself with most clarity, consideration and care for each other.

Консультирование пар
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