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About me

Psychotherapeutic education and training in gestalt-approach

Years Training program Trainers Hours of practical work
2016 - 2020

Advanced training program for gestalt-therapists
– «Mastering of gestalt-therapy and supervision»

Danila Khlomov, Alla Poverenova,
Vladimir Kulishov


2011 - 2015

Basic training program for gestalt-therapists –
«Theory and practice of gestalt-therapy»
(philosophical and clinical approach)

Vladimir Filipenko, Anna Bychkova,
Kirill Khlomov


2019 - 2021

Specialization «Theory of personality
development in gestalt approach: Age crises»

Elena Baeva


2015 - 2018

Specialization «Clinical gestalt-therapy»

Vladimir Filipenko, Vishnevskaya Alla,
Irina Yakubovskaya, Irina Maidan


2015 - 2017

Specialization «Working with crisis and trauma in

Alla Poverenova, Nina Golosova,
Sergey Sytnik, Elena Baeva

2014 - 2016

Specialization «Group psychotherapy within

Danila Khlomov, Elena Kalitievskaya,
Nina Golosova, Alla Poverenova,
Taisiya Tadyka, Viktoriya Grinkevich,
Roman Sydorchenko

2013 - 2014

Specialization «Dialog-phenomenological
model of gestalt therapy»

Igor Pogodin


Gestalt intensives and conferences

Years Intensiv – training for gestalt-therapists Hours of practical work
2012, 2013

As a client: «Azov Intensiv», «Odyssey Of Gestalt»

2014, 2015, 2016

As a therapist: «Risking To Be Alive», «Kiev Gestalt Intensiv»,
«Odyssey Of Gestalt», «Place Of Meeting»

2018, 2019, 2021

As a supervisor: «Kiev Gestalt Intensiv», «Odyssey Of Gestalt»,
«Christmas gathering», «Kiev Gestalt Intensiv», «Place Of Meeting»,
«Carpathian gestalt», «Odyssey Of Gestalt»

2012, 2015

8-th All-Ukrainian Gestalt Conference, 11-th All-Ukrainian Gestalt Conference

2018, 2019

14-th All-Ukrainian Gestalt Conference, 15-th Aniversary All-Ukrainian Gestalt Conference.

2020, 2021

16-th All-Ukrainian Gestalt Conference Online, 17-th All-Ukrainian Gestalt Conference


My experience in private practice since 2017 till now includes
over 5000 hours of individual therapy,
counseling and group therapy

Personal therapy, supervisions
Years Kind of work Hours of practical work
2012 — 2018

Personal therapy — individual

2011 — 2013

Personal therapy — small therapeutic group

2019 — 2021

Supervision group, conducted by Elena Baeva

2018 — 2019

Supervision group, conducted by Alina Firsel

2017 — 2019

Supervision group, conducted by Sergey Sytnik

2014 — 2015

Supervision group, conducted by Vladimir Kulishov, Victoria Grinkevich

2020 — 2021

Individual supervision: Aleksandr Popovskiy

2017 — 2018
Individual supervision: Viktoriya Grinkevich
Academic higher psychological education
Years Specialty University
2014 — 2016


Inter-regional Academy of Personnel Management

The level of English language – fluent
Years Place Activity
2011 — 2016

Worked in international companies

English working language

2008 — 2012

Department of International Relations, “KROK” University

Around 4000 hours of theoretical and practical classes
in English language

2005 — 2008
English language courses
1124 hours of group classes
My fees
Session Language Fee, USD Duration, min
Individual session
Session with a couple

My certificates and description

Basic training program for gestalt-therapists

Here I learned the basics of psychotherapeutic craft/art. I studied theory, philosophy, methods and history of development of gestalt-therapy. I made the biggest mistakes and was taught the most painful lessons in this group, due to the fact that training is based on processing one’s own life experience.

Advanced training program for gestalt-therapists – «Mastering of gestalt-therapy and supervision»

It is a four year training program for supervisors in gestalt approach. It is built around a psychotherapy group and a supervision group. In the former, one of the program teachers takes the role of the therapist and in the letter, group members provide therapy for each other and receive supervision from the other two teachers of the program. Lectures, seminars, reports and round tables are also included in the course.

Specialist (Master) degree in psychology

Academic higher psychological education. This is my second degree. I decided to take it online, as I did not see any point in being present in a classroom with teachers who are sick and tired of life and their job repeating lifelessly some theories and facts. Whereas the Internet has excellent, classical and modern materials in video, text and audio formats on psychology absolutely for free. One can study day and night as much as desired. This university gave me a curriculum, list of subjects and literature, the rest I did myself.

Specialization «Theory of personality development in gestalt approach: Age crises»

During this educational project I learnt psychoanalytic theories of personality development, principles and patterns of psyche development and functioning. I also learnt all age periods from birth till death, personality crises and developmental tasks during the whole lifetime. We studied by analyzing personal stories of group members. We also learnt subconscious psychological defenses that help to adapt to negative phenomenons of interpersonal and inner worlds.

Specialization «Working with crisis and trauma in gestalt-therapy»

Here we were taught to work with psychological trauma, acute stress disorders, posttraumatic stress disorders. As well as working with crises, such as, personal crisis, age related, relationship crisis. We were also trained to work with loss and grief. These are essential instruments for any psychologist who works with people.

Specialization «Clinical gestalt-therapy»

Here I studied clinical and gestalt diagnosis, strategies and methods of work with different personality types, neurosis and psychopathy, types of character organisation. This specialization provided myself with rich experience of psychotherapeutic and psychiatric clinicians of 20th and 21st century.

Specialization «Group psychotherapy within gestalt-approach»

Thanks to this educational program I learned the basics of group dynamic and the psychology of small groups. Therapeutic group, as society in miniature, is a powerful tool for personal development and mastering of useful social skills. In my experience group therapy has had a strong and positive effect on me.

Specialization «Dialog-phenomenological model of gestalt therapy»

This specialization is focused on how to organize client-therapeutic relationship where can be established contact of two human beings, a client and a therapist, with the purpose of overcoming (processing) or growing out of actual psycho emotional states.

Certificate of participation in gestalt intensiv

It is an educational event (i.e. summer school) on practical psychology in gestalt-approach. Gestalt intensiv consists of three modules, three days each and two days for rest in between modules. Schedule. Before lunch: lecture, therapy group and individual therapy. After lunch, siesta an hour or two, again therapy group, dinner and at the end of the day a processing group for acting out or venting the feelings and impressions accumulated during the day. Thus, for one day you receive one hour of lecture on practical psychology, one hour of individual therapy, three and a half hours of group therapy and one hour processing group.

Certificate of participation in the conference

Annual conference of the Society of psychologists practicing gestalt-approach. It runs for three days and consists of multiple events, such as, a general lecture, workshops, reports, symposiums, presentations of work cases and an open mic for discussing different subjects. Also round tables, discussion and process groups take place at the conference.

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