Anxiety it is a stopped excitement. When you stop yourself on the way of satisfying your need, consciously or not, the energy of excitement transforms into diffuse, unclear feeling of anxiety. It is an uncertain feeling or emotional state that has not been shaped yet into an identifiable emotion. It can be felt as tense anticipation, danger or worry. Usually body reacts by muscle clamps, fast heart beating and breathing, intensified sweating. Something is going on with me, but I can’t figure out what or why.   


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Anxiety disorder can be really annoying and spoil the quality of life. It is a signal from your organism to pay attention to it. I need something, notice me already.

Generally speaking, all people feel anxiety from time to time. It is natural. It becomes an anxiety disorder only if it overwhelms you, it appears way too often and lasts for a long time. In other words this state badly affects your quality of life. If this is the case then it is worth putting some efforts to understand what is going on.


Anxiety as a symptom shows us that your organism needs help. We never know from the start what it is caused by and what your organism needs. We need to investigate it.

As a result of working with a psychotherapist you will understand your feelings and needs much better. You will learn how to satisfy them appropriately. The troubling symptom will go away after that. Psychotherapy also develops an ability to process complex, painful emotional states.  It is very practical and convenient in terms of quality of life.

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