Trauma is a violation of integrity of physical or psychological boundaries of your body. Psychological trauma can be caused by different sorts of violence, physical, psychological, sexual. An individual can undergo violence himself or can be in a situation where somebody else is violently treated. It can lead to trauma and further development of posttraumatic stress disorder.  This includes various catastrophes, natural, man-made, military conflicts, combat actions, violence in the family, kindergarten, school, etc.


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Stress event or situation that you experienced does not alway result into trauma. Our psyche is very flexible and enduring. Often psyche is strong enough to process and assimilate traumatic experience and there is no need to go to a therapist.

Nonetheless, I am not optimistic at this point. Inability to cope with and process traumatic and stressful situations is very common in our society. Here we are talking about the consequences of the traumatic event, which had gone worse with time and turned into posttraumatic stress disorder. People live with unresolved consequences of trauma a year after it happened, five years, ten, and more. They get used to it and at some point forget that I was different some time ago. Here is a metaphor.


Imagine that you live good and sound, you feel great because the sun is shining and you are warm and dry. Then clouds came and it started raining. Now, you are cold and wet and shivering constantly. The rain goes on and on, but you are doing your best in ignoring that it has been raining for a long time already. You try to live as nothing happened, as there is no rain, never was. You’re cold and all wet but your are okay, as it seems.

In these terms, if you notice that your quality of life went down, as well as relationships and your mood, it might be that your psyche is struggling somewhere too much and it needs help. Psychotherapist is there for you to help process more effectively hard feelings and emotional states. I already wrote it in another section, but it worth saying it again. Working with a psychotherapist is very practical and convenient in terms of comfort and quality of life.

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