Long-term genre of psychological help concentrated on resolving of deep and fundamental problems of a personality. From forty five sessions and more.
I, as a gestalt-therapist, specialize on contact. What does it mean? First, it is a contact with yourself. Second, it is a contact with another person. We suffer when we lose contact with ourselves or with another person. Usually, these are both sides of the same process.


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Work on establishing contact with myself boils down to this. It is an investigation and learning how you are organized. What needs you have, desires, any particular qualities. It is discovering of yourself the way you already are and learning to accept yourself as you are.

According to Arnold Beisser’s paradoxical theory of change, on which gestalt-therapy is based on, true changes happen only after one accepts himself as he is right now.

Work on establishing contact with another person boils down to investigation of how you satisfy your needs in a relationship with another person. Probably something is not letting you feel satisfaction and joy from relationships. Something important is not happening, you lack something. In psychotherapy we always deal with absence of an important experience in one’s personal story or existence of a traumatic experience. These two phenomenons are two sides of the same process.


And so we live like this. With emotional hunger or with some heavy load of overwhelming experience not knowing what to do with it. You can be sure to receive from me an individual approach, confidentiality, professionalism, non judging and accepting attitude from my side.

Visiting of a psychotherapist increases your capability of processing different feelings and complex situations in relationships substantially. Thus restoring balance in your inner world and in relationship with others.

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