LIfe of a normal human being is hard and complex. Human development is characterized by progressive dynamic, step by step, with ups and downs. It is not a perfect upward trend as we would like it to be. Any crisis has two power lines. One is the drive to overcome it, to grow personally and the other is the drive to regress and stagnate. If the balance is tilting in the direction of stagnation and regression then it makes sense to get a professional help.    


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If to generalize, then we are dealing with internal and external crisis. Internal would be developmental crisis and age-related crisis. Changes occur in one’s inner world, thus they might be difficult to identify.

External crisis is related to changes in the life situation, the environment. It is the death of a loved one, unexpected loss of a workplace, moving to another city/country. Losses, in particular death of a close person, often become ciris which is the hardest to cope with.


Working with crisis is one of the basic competencies of a psychotherapist, since our profession exists to help people to overcome them more effectively and faster.

In gestalt-therapy we do not answer on the question “WHAT” (what should I do with all of it?), but rather “HOW”. We work on developing one’s self-awareness and awareness of the situation in which the person is. Being more aware of one’s needs, emotions, different sides of one’s character, strong ones, weak ones change motivation and values of an individual. It allows to increase the amount of possible scenarios of behaviour and find the one that is suitable for dealing with the actual crisis.

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