Adolescence as a transition stage from childhood to adulthood is a tough period of live for everybody. This is the age from 12 to 17 years. A lot of changes going on, such as, sexual maturity, hormonal change, change of appearances. There are also many changes in the inner world. Search for an identity, life values, shaping of a worldview. Studying at school or college is only a tiny part of all the tasks a teenager have to attend to. This is a crisis period. A child needs attention. First of all it is an ability and capacity to listen to him/her.

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Often parents see upbringing and care as imposing their point of view as the only right one.

Parents’ life experience is undoubtedly reacher compared to the child’s. This is how the world is. But in raising a child are also important emotional contact, trust, acceptance. Problems appear is the situation of disbalance of all parts of a relationship.

In the course of interaction with parents, family, peers, opposite sex, school, teachers and society as a whole a teenager may face such kind of difficulties:

  • loss of mutual understanding,
  • conflicts,
  • psychosomatic disorders,
  • psychological complexes
  • fears, phobias
  • emotional dependency
  • crisis of values and meanings


All of it is a consequence of a communication disorder in one of the teenager’s spheres of life, if to take into account psychological point of view only.

In our teens we experience the most acute and tender feelings, as well as we are very sensitive and vulnerable. It is the case because our inner world is still, to a large extent, full of fantasies and idealized perception of people and world as a whole. Because of black and white and maximalist view of the world teenagers are very vulnerable before the reality of life, which consists of lots of colors and shades, not only black and white.

A recommendation to a parent to come to a first consultation with a child. During the initial acquaintance we will select an appropriate form of work. Usually teenager visits a psychologist alone, while a parent periodically comes to a session.

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