Panic attacks is a pretty wide spread disorder. People with very different characters can have it. During a panic attacks a body reacts in a certain way. However, it can differ individually. Quite often these are increased heart beating, sweating, intensified breathing, high internal pressure, poor eyesight or hearing and many other.  


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When the next attack comes you can identify it by familiar reactions in the body. You can not stop it and you do not know where exactly it comes from. You may not see a connection between a panic attack and a situation that you are in now or was in the past. Also, you feel anxiety and fear for your wellbeing and life.

Panic attacks appear because certain strong feelings that exist in your psyche are not acknowledged and therefore cannot be expressed and acted out. Since they are not acted out, they have nothing left but to implode inside of you. Such feelings as anger, fear, rage, shame and some other with their high intensity cause natural body reactions.


The neuro system prepares organism for acting on this feeling. Internal spring is getting compressed to shoot out. But due to internal psychological conflict, loss of awareness or loss of sensitivity to yourself all that potential stays inside of you. The energy spreads randomly, causing unpleasant above mentioned sensations. It lasts from 2-3 minutes to half an hour. We have three basic reactions on stress, attack, run, immobilize. When the mechanism of reaction is broken different psychosomatic symptoms appear.

Psychotherapy for panic attacks is a good solution. You can find what panic attacks are caused by, learn how to become aware of your feelings and understand yourself on a deeper level. Also train with the therapist’s help to effectively process all kinds of emotions. As a result you will get rid of the attacks completely or they will reduce dramatically, so that you will not have to fight your feelings with any self-destructive way as you might did before.

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