There are lots of stereotypes about male and female role in a relationship, which sort of suggest how to behave appropriately. We do not need no stereotypes. We will work together to understand what kind of person you are, with whom you want to be. We will take a close look on how you build your relationship and how you live in a couple. One wise therapist said that, the result of a good therapy is a clear awareness that the most beneficial strategy in life is to be equal to one self. This is the most convenient and profitable strategy.

In order to get to a point where you understand yourself better we will need to work on it together. The work goes in two ways. First, you understand more about what kind of person you are, how you are organized and what you need to feel good. Second, you will develop new ways of dealing with your feelings, needs, desires. You will get a new experience and skills in a client-therapeutic relationship, which you will be able to use outside a therapist’s office.

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The topic of male-female relationship includes the following issues:

  • How to be aware of my feelings and express them in connection with the other person;
  • How to learn to listen to the other person;
  • Learning about my true desires and needs;
  • Offences, where do they come from and what to do with them;
  • The origin of jealousy;
  • Fear of being alone, dependence;
  • How to deal with betrayal;
  • The function of aggression in its many forms, the phenomena of abuse
  • Cooperation and intimacy


It’s impossible to mention everything. It might very well be that you are interested in something else. In any way, I am ready to listen to you, try to understand you, investigate what is going on and help you resolve the issue. From my side I guarantee reliability, confidentiality, professionalism and non judging approach.

The way we are with the opposite sex, our attachment style (secure, insecure, disorganized, avoidant) is primarily determined by our relationships with our mother and father. All the rest is a compensation and is built on the foundation that was laid in the childhood in our family.

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