Short-term psychological work focused on resolving of a problematic situation. From one to twenty meetings.
The point of a psychological counselling is that you engage into solving of your specific problem a specially trained and experienced from the professional point of view expert.  This is the difference between working with a psychologist and conversations with friends, relatives or just good honest people.


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Imagine that you lost keys on a street at night and there’s only one lamppost. You will be searching keys where the light is only, not in the thick darkness. Psychologist is a man with a flashlight. He can shine in different places and searching becomes possible.

Psychological consultation can save you a lot of time, money and efforts. It makes sense seeing a psychologist if you face difficulties in relationship, you have some psychosomatic symptom or disorder of a psychological nature, your emotional state deteriorated or your mood went low. If it has been bothering for quite some time and it does not seem to disappear by itself.

You can count on individual approach, confidentiality, professionalism, non judgemental and accepting approach from me.

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