Here are some episodes of my professional life. Almost from the beginning till today. In the order from bottom to top.


Advanced training program for gestalt-therapists – «Mastering of gestalt-therapy and supervision». Next year will be certification. I am reading an essay “My path into profession”. May 2019.

Supervision of practice.

During break.


Psychologist and psychiatrists. May 2019.


Kiev intensiv. Supervisors happy with themselves. The last day. May 2019.

Our processing group with my co-therapist Oksana Gorchakova.

I am receiving supervision.


Supervisors at intensiv called “Christmas meetings”. January 2019.


Our supervision group with Sergey Sytnik. The last meeting before New Year. December 2018.


I am being accredited at the gathering of the professional community during annual conference. the 14th. Autumn 2018.


Our processing group with my co-therapist Vladimir Stepanenko at Odyssey Of Gestalt 2018. August 2018, near Odessa.

Again Odyssey Of Gestalt 2018. Supervisors. Tomorrow we will go home.


My first intensiv as a supervisor. Near Kiev 2018.


Certification on clinical gestalt therapy specialization. Now we are clinicians. Those who have clinical thinking. Spring 2018.

With Alla Vishnevska from Minsk.


The end of 5 year journey 2011-2016. After certification. Autumn 2016.

I’m working with a client during certification session.


Specialization on crisis and trauma. We were happy to meet Nina Golosova from Moscow. She’s one of the first gestalt therapists in Eastern Europe. Autumn 2016.


Gestalt intensive called “Place for a meeting” near Odessa 2016. The fourth and the last time I am in the role of a therapist. In half a year I will start my private practice and I’ll have my long-term clients, but I don’t know it yet. So I am full of doubt and concern about my professional future.  There are few of us from our therapy group. Ending.


Odyssey Of Gestalt 2015. My fifth intensiv. Third time as a therapist. It’s a pity the quality is not good enough, faces are poorly recognizable. Our processing group. We sat by the sea and told each about how our day was.


Odyssey Of Gestalt 2013. This is my second client intensiv. Client gestalt intensives have impacted me greatly. I’ve never come across such a big amount of people who try to understand and help me. The strength of a gestalt intensiv is that it provides an environment for you. It is not just one or two people you interact with, it’s an entire community. That’s why they are so strong on terms of one’s healing and developing needs.

At the morning lecture

My client group

My client group