This page was not created to give a definition of depression or explain in detail its nature. I want to say that I know from my own experience what a mental pain is. Does it mean that I know how you feel? Probably not. If you suffer from a depression then there is a 99% probability that you struggle with being aware of or being able to express and process so called negative feelings.


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These feeling mark your needs. If you do not satisfy them chronically your mood will go down, as well as your will, ability to feel joy and satisfaction, desire to live. You won’t have enough energy to feel desire towards anything. Sometimes severe depressive conditions end with a suicide, as the suffering is unbearable.

Experts from all schools say that depression is cured by psychotherapy. You can get out of this state. For that you will need another human being, someone who knows how to address feelings, a professional. Often when ordinary people face a person with depression they sincerely try to help, but regrettably they can make things worse, because they do not know how to handle depressive feelings.


Depression is not cured by psychotherapy by itself, nor does some technique or exercise. It is cured by contact with another human being, a communication, a dialog. It is dangerous to be alone, isolated. It’s very good if you can tell someone about yourself, just as is. A psychotherapist has enough knowledge, skill and experience to maintain contact with you or just be with you, at your side, without making any lousy attempts to cheer you up.

It is important to get back to a place where you stopped your feelings, to discover it, investigate it, understand what’s going on and learn to address your feelings and needs in a new way. The amount of time required for it can be different, it depends on you personality. Anyways, taking a good care of oneself worth time and efforts.

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